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Change User Password by Validating Current Password in PHP MySQL

The perfect user of PHP password_hash and password_verify inbuilt functions, Learn how you can develop change login password feature along with all required validations.

3 Steps to Build efficient PHP MySQL Shopping Cart Application

IntroductionLet's learn how to develop shopping cart using PHP and MySQL, in this tutorial I am going to provide details steps along with source code on how we can build simple and best...

Laravel 5.5 AngularJS CRUD Operations Application

Laravel 5.5 is first LTS release of Laravel Framework, Taler Otwell (Founder of Laravel) also said that the purpose of this release is going to be standards long time support and now Laravel 5.5 has a good shape things...

Laravel 5.5 VueJs 2.0 CRUD Operations Application

Laravel 5.5 and VueJS 2.0 is the best combination for the development of any kind of projects in the web development world, no matters if your PHP beginner, intermediate or expert developer as long as your PHP Laravel developer...

How to Open Twitter Bootstrap Modal Popup in AngularJS

Introduction:In this tutorial I am going to provide help on how you should deal with Twitter bootstrap modal popup while using it inside AngularJS controller function, or basically you have event in AngularJS...

AngularJS PHP CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) Operations

Introduction: In last tutorial "CRUD Operations in PHP with PDO using Bootstrap" I have given details on how to handle crud operation in PHP with jQuery, here we are going to try something new from the market and most usable in...

User Account activation by email verification using PHP

User Account activation, email verification using PHP, MySQL and Swiftmailer Introduction: I have posted tutorials on login registration system, which has simple account registration process to just enter the details to create new account and you can login to the account,...

Laravel 5.2 CRUD Application

In this tutorial I am going to provide step by step guide to implement CREAT, READ, UPDATE and DELETE Operations using Laravel 5.2 PHP Framework.  Development Platform: Laravel Provides Homestead development environment, it's my preferred option while working with laravel project, it has all...

PHP PDO CRUD Operations Using Bootstrap

I have been getting requested to post crud tutorial with PDO connection, so finally it's here.Live DemoTutorial Features:Create, Read, Update and Delete Records Bootstrap - for design and modal popup jQuery - Used to handle ajax requestTutorial Focus: At the end...

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