What is the difference between AngularJs and Angular

This tutorial will give you details on what is the difference between AngularJs and Angular, Angular History and also How Angular 4 Came up after Angular 2.

Angular Application Folder Structure

This tutorial is going to be your best guide on understanding Angular 8 application folder structure while starting to learn Angular web application development.

How to Create Angular Application using Angular CLI

This tutorial will give you in-dept understanding and step by step guide on how you can create and serve your first Angular application using Angular CLI.

How to upgrade Angular CLI from Version 7 to 8

This tutorial will give you step by step details on how you update Angular CLI globally on your operating system (windows, Linux or Mac) and also you get command to update your existing angular 7 application to angular 8

Setting up Angular Development Environment

This tutorial will guide on how you can setup your Angular Development system using Windows, Linux or Mac OS to get you started learning angular application development.

Architecture of Angular Applications

Angular Web App ArchitectureA lot of modern application has at list a two part a front-end and a backendThe Front-end also called client is part of a web...

What is Angular and Why do we need Angular?

This article will give you details on what is angular, why do we need angular to developer web application and what are the benefits of using Angular.

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