2 Perfect solutions to extract text from Docx word document

Written by Yogesh Koli

Learn how to extract microsoft word docx or doc document in php with 2 perfect solutions.

Problem: Extract text content from word document.

I wanted to extract text from word document I tried several ways doing it and was looking for kind of simple and convenient way to get text extracted, so basically I found two ways and have decided to share both the solution using this tutorial.

With the help of this article I just want share those ways to help other developers get this extraction job done easily.

As you know word documents are always complex when it comes to operate them from backend,

Solution 1: Extract Document using PHP

The first solution is really simple with PHP and I find it very useful, as it keep document format, eg. paragraphs and new lines.

To implement this solution all you have do is create new php file along with the following class and then while extracting the document you just need to create new object of the class with document path and call convertToText method.


Sample example of using DocxToTextConversion class to extract the document.

Solution 2: Using unzip package

It is simple and quick solution if you only want to deal with the content from the document without considering the format or line breaks

To implement this solution on you will need to have unzip package installed on your server.

You can test this from command line as showing below example, make sure you have unzip package is installed.

Implement above solution with PHP:

Let me know if you find any of the above solution useful, by using comment box below.

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