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google chrome .dev domain-issue fix
Written by Yogesh Koli


You might get into little bit trouble as am, so thought to write quick post on to resolve Privacy Error

I have been using homestead as my development environment from years, and my projects always been loaded with .dev extension domain, but from today I have been getting issue to load my local project with .dev extensions domains, google chrome is forcing .dev extension to load HTTPS and this permanent change according to chrome community update.

So from now on we can’t load .dev domain with HTTP on local homestead environment.

If you still want to load them you need to switch your development browser from google chrome to firebox or safari basically other browsers apart from google chrome.

And if you are google chrome lover like me and don’t want to switch your browser don’t worry there is simple fix.

We just need to change .dev domains to available options:

  • .test
  • .invalid
  • .localhost
  • .example

I prefer to go with .test domain, you can easily change your homestead configuration file and hosts file accordingly.

Example Fix

Updating homestead configuration file:

Updating hosts file:

When you are done with changes use this command to update all your changes.

when your done with the command execution you can go ahead and test your domains everything should work fine as last.

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