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What is Angular and Why do we need Angular?

In case your an absolute beginner with Angular, I will quickly explain that What Angular is and Why we should learn Angular.

What is Angular?

Angular is a framework for building client application in HTML, CSS and either Javascript or a language like Typescript that eventually compiles to Javascript.

Typescript is more common in the Angular community because Angular itself built using TypeScript

“Angular is a very powerful cross platform open source JavaScript Platform to build web and mobile applications.”

Get started learning Angular by doing Development Setup here – Setting up Angular Development Environment

Why do we need Angular?

Now the one question that lot of beginner developers have is why do we need Angular can we not use old plain JavaScript or jQuery we certainly can and that’s how lot of web application are built on the web.

However if you are dealing with complex applications then you will need Angular because vanilla Javascript or jQuery is hard to maintain when it comes to dealing with complex applications.

We need a way to properly structure our application, sure there are javascript panthers out there such as Revealing Module Pattern, Prototype Pattern that help with this structuring but this patterns are hard to understand for lots of beginners to javascript,

Also lot applications build with vanilla javascript or jQuery are hard to Test and that’s why over the past few years varies frameworks has been built and evolved to make web application development easier and fast, for example Angular, Vue, React and so on.

Benefits of Using Angular

Clean Structure – Angular gives our applications a Clean and Loosely coupled structure that is easy to understand and easy to maintain.

Code Reusability – Angular also brings in lot of utility code that we can reuse in various applications specially when dealing with users navigations and the browser history

Easy to Test – Applications built with Angular are more testable so we can easily write automated tests to test various parts of our application


So to conclude and answer the question Do we need Angular? – No it is not a compulsory to use Angular to built web applications but using Angular will make your life a lot easier as a developer so it is great advantage of using Angular.

What’s Next

I think next if you are absolute beginner on Angular then I would recommenced you read and understand Architecture of Angular Applications

Yogesh Koli

Software engineer & Blogger live in India, has 8+ years of experience working with the Front-end and Back-end Web Application Development.

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