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  • Maria Quintero

    Hi, I like so much your post, can you upload the project, I can´t run 🙁

  • Carl Angelo Pamparo Nievarez
  • Pîrvan Marian

    This don’t work for me 🙁

  • Damien Norris

    Works perfectly, thank you!

    • Great..!

      • Damien Norris

        I lied, PayPal not working or am I missing something in my dashboard setup?

        • You may be have missing something on your setup, as above script is tested and works successfully.. you can checkout the live demo to make sure.. try to debug your script line by line and check if something is missing or wrong.

  • Ingus Graholskis

    is this script secure to sql injection?

    • Yes, for sure.

      • Ingus Graholskis

        Looking good!Is it also validated and sanitized ?Also do you have script that includes forgot password also?